RXR Realty, LLC

Condominium Developer

As innovators in the development, revitalization and transformation of communities for over three decades, RXR Realty LLC (RXR) has earned a reputation for being the market leader as owners, developers and managers of the finest quality residential and commercial real estate. The company’s multi-billion dollar portfolio is comprised of dynamic and visionary projects that transform communities and improve the quality of life for residents and surrounding regions.


Prime Building Advantage

Real Estate Sales & Marketing

Prime Building Advantage is a Real Estate Sales & Marketing company located throughout Maryland, Virginia and Washington, D.C. The company is made up of experts striving to create an environment that exceeds expectations with strategic market analysis, award winning sales tactics and solutions-driven expertise.


The Ritz-Carlton Company, LLC

Property and Association Management

The Ritz-Carlton is recognized as the leader in delivering five-star service worldwide. As the property manager of numerous Ritz-Carlton Residence locations across the US and abroad, the company’s world-renowned gold standard ensures that each shares a common thread: warm, tireless, and exceptional anticipatory service.