January 21, 2016

Inner Harbor Luxury Condo vs. Suburban Single-Family Home: The Choice is Clear

Your children have moved out of the house, or you’ve recently gotten a major promotion with an even major-er raise, and you’ve decided now is the time to make the move. Now is the time to reinvent “home” and what that means to you, but what does it mean really?

Do me a favor for a minute, and close your eyes. What does your new home look like? Is it a suburban single-family home with a garage and a yard, or is it a glorious, gorgeous, well-appointed luxury condo in the heart of Baltimore’s famed Inner Harbor?

What’s that, you said? You’re just not sure?

Well let us try and help you out with that all-important decision. After all, this new Maryland home is where you’re going to be spending these next, best years of your life.


In a word: luxury.

Feel like a million as an elevator transports you directly into your new home — we promise, you will — luxuriously appointed with solid wood-paneled entry doors, crown molding and rooms of generous proportion. Each residence features granite countertops, custom European cabinetry, Viking Professional Series stainless steel appliances, Kohler fixtures and hardwood & marble floors.

These Inner Harbor condos are simply stunning. Really.

And quite unlike anything you’ll find in suburban single-family home.



Sure, most suburban neighborhoods these days offer amenities that include swimming pools, and well outfitted gyms, community engagement events, and spaces designed for residents to host their own parties — but can they say they’re all within the comfort of your own Maryland home? …Nope.

Get in a rousing workout, or check out a screening of the latest film to hit the small screen; pamper yourself, or go for a swim. All without every having to brave that brutal January chill.



Baltimore’s Inner Harbor boasts more than three-dozen restaurants; a host of the nation’s finest; cultural and entertainment opportunities; the best shopping — I could go on. — all within steps of your very own Baltimore luxury condo. And that’s not even to mention the breathtaking views of this once historic seaport as it has been transformed into this mecca for Maryland locals, tourists, and those who call The Ritz-Carlton Residences home.

Bet you won’t find that in a single-family home in the suburbs.


Less Maintenance

There’s grass to mow, a roof to patch, trees to prune, a basement to keep from flooding — in a single-family home that is. Not so when you choose to purchase an Inner Harbor condo at The Ritz-Carlton Residences. Here, you’ve got all the luxury, the plentiful amenities, all the location, and none of the upkeep.

The choice seems clear to us:


Your new home is calling; your new home is a luxury condo at The Ritz-Carlton Residences Inner Harbor Baltimore.